As Yoga is gaining more and more popularity and certainly has benefits on your physical and mental state, we are working together with a certified Yoga teacher  / Yoga therapist form Mastichari, Lynn. Lynn holds standard Yoga classes as well as SUP Yoga classes after arrangement on a regular basis at our centre.

Why Yoga?

One of the reasons yoga has grown in popularity over the years is that it really helps you to feel harmonious, integrated and complete. As you learn to find your centre in a yoga pose, you practice finding your centre in other areas of life. The work you do on your mat can translate easily into your day to day being. Through the practice of yoga you unite your physical body with your mind and spirit. As you open your body and mind with yoga postures and breathing, you become receptive to the rewarding and profound experience of inner stillness. From here you can approach life from a more grounded and calm perspective.

On top of that Yoga is an ideal complement to many other sports like windsurfing as you train your balance, stretch your body and especially activate your deep muscles.

SUP Yoga

SUP YOGA is ideal for ALL LEVELS from complete beginners and beyond. You will get a full body gentle stretching workout, with the added benefit of calming the mind as well as creating greater flexibility and strength. The boards are really big, big enough to perform the poses on with ease, and you will see immediately that you do not have to worry about falling in.

Doing yoga on the water is a whole new sensation: one of being connected to nature and feeling peaceful and tranquil. At the same time it´s a lot of fun and if you fall it really doesn´t matter! It´s a soft landing and the water is beautiful, clear and warm.

A SUP YOGA session will leave you feeling open, balanced and calm. It is a non-competitive sport where the focus is on the mind and the body. There is no judgement and no pressure in a SUP YOGA class. It teaches balance, not perfection, and most importantly it cultivates play.

Come and try for yourself!